Our Process

What makes Mule Extracts products different, special and better


Essential Oils & Original Flowers

Larger-scale processors are using extraction machines to process strains of lesser quality or combinations of poorly grown plants. This one-size-fits-all approach to extraction yields more unwanted compounds than wanted. To compensate for the resulting loss of taste and quality, synthetic cannabis terpenes, propylene glycol (a major ingredient in ‘e-liquid’) or vegetable glycerin are added with disregard to their potentially adverse health effects. The other path to extraction is craft. At Mule Extracts we are committed to producing craft extracts from the highest-quality strain phenotypes. Each of these phenotypes is unique, and both our craft farming practices and manual extraction process treat them as such. Our equipment has been extensively modified, allowing for adjustments of pressure, flow rate and temperature that prevent the loss of terpenes and cannabinoids. From there, the extracted resinoids then undergo a strain-specific winterization period of up to fifteen different filtration processes resulting in a product with a true-to-flower taste and at an accessible price.


It all starts with the Farms

The key element to creating the best product is starting with a superior flower. At Mule we have strategically partnered with farms across the state of Oregon who’s farming and business practices coincide with our practices, values, and beliefs at Mule. Coming from a background in farming we understand the amount of time and energy the farms have put into their products, and we want to preserve that in the oil we make. Rather than destroying what they created and making our own formula. At Mule we focus on enhancing the flavors of the flower for a truly unique experience, while preserving the authenticity of the original flower. We are always interested in expanding partnerships with new farms if you feel your philosophy aligns with ours. Please feel free to contact us at >>>>>


How hard a Mule can grind

This is the first step of our extraction process. It is truly the first building block of the foundation to create our artisan oils. We use a state of the art grinder that allows us to regulate the size of the material that comes out of if while keeping the flower cold so we do not lose any of the natural plant oils and terpenes of the flower. We prepare the material anywhere from full size buds all the way down to the micron level. This stage of the process is very strain specific and if done improperly will dramatically affect the result. Once the grinding is complete we dehydrate the material at various temperatures and to different amounts of moisture content to preserve the maximum amount of flavor and cannabinoid profile of the flower.


The Extraction Process

Through supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction we can achieve maximum efficiency of the extraction equipment which allows us to target the desired plant material and leave the unwanted plant material behind.


Winterization this is where the magic happens…

Through different filtration techniques, we are able to preserve the most natural flavor profile of the plant, without compromising our end product. This is the part of the process where other companies are adding artificial flavors and additives to the plant. We are able to give you a 100{4cc09d1854e89c4b8f98efe69956dc47094be28434b75029a51898656092fac8} natural oil profile through our proven scientific methods and techniques.