With recent news regarding vape cartridges, Mule Extracts wants to take some time to reach out to existing customers, share our practices and explain why we do what we do.

Mule Extract’s primary goal is consumer satisfaction which naturally includes consumer safety. Our cartridges only contain compounds which occur naturally in the strain that you consume. Our extraction process uses naturally occurring materials that are removed as part of the extraction process. We use independent, accredited labs to test our cartridges before you buy them. We constantly review our testing standards in order to include any items that cause regulatory concerns. Your safety matters to us and together we want to continue to take the high road.

We are very selective with the farms that become our partners. We only chose farms that will deliver a high-quality experience to our consumers. We have done due diligence on every farm. We want to ensure that we deliver a high-quality product and it starts with the farm.

Mule Extracts does not have any artificial elements in our vape cartridges. The contents of our cartridges including the terpenes come directly from strain specific flower. There is no flavoring. There are no third-party terpenes or essential oils. There are no thinners, dissolving agents nor fillers such as Vitamin E acetate. We founded Mule Extracts as an artisanal extractor not given to artificial flavors or other gimmicks. At Mule Extracts what the plant has is what you get.

Our extraction processes utilize CO2, alcohol and water. We use CO2 extraction to separate the THC/CBD from the plant. Alcohol is then used to refine the THC/CBD into oil. We remove the solvents through standard distillation techniques including dewaxing and roto-vaping. Taking the high road means a pure product that you can rely upon.

Mule Extracts tests its products using independent, third party laboratories. The labs are accredited to Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP) which is recognized by The NELAC Institute’s National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program. Our labs, Lightscale and Green Leaf, tests our cartridges for pesticides, residual solvents, potency and terpenes. The Oregon Health Authority sets the pesticide and residual solvents’ standards. The dispensaries that sell our product have the test results, the test results are available on Leaf Link, and soon will be available on Mule Extracts’ website. Mule Extracts takes its tests seriously.

Mule Extracts continues to review its testing standards and requirements. We are working with our labs to pilot new testing standards that identify any substances that regulators or others may regard as potentially harmful. Given our process we should not have any of these substances in our cartridges but we want you to have the assurance of an independent lab

Finally, our thoughts and prayers go to the people affected by these cartridges. Enjoyment should be fun and not laden with harmful side effects. We will do everything possible to ensure that our consumer experience is enjoyable and will not cut corners to make more money or a cheaper product.